Near Beard (lunap) wrote,
Near Beard


Massive .5 growth this business week for good ol' Isabelle 5.0. You may remember in the past year the numbers increased an entire decimal place in the last spurt of "maturity." Twothousandandseven is all about 6.5-7.0.

In other news: I seriously am figuring out what I want to do with my life. Starting with being my own life coach, a role that I intend to continue filling.

There's a wealth of internal confidence that has yet to be drilled. Life is a awful cycle of "being able to" and "failing."

Basically: I have a "I could do that if I wanted to" kind of attitude and now I want to.

The price of being confident in making these statements is very high. But, I am not ashamed if they sound trite because I drained all of the blood, puss and tears from my face for them.

I loved in a daze. Now it's over.
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